A Night with semoh




If you can tell one’s personality by his attire, you could also judge the substance of a fashion brand by seeing those who wear the brand. Among the tremendous number of fashion labels existing in the world, what criteria would you consider when you choose a particular brand to out on?

Hiroyuki Ueyama, designer of semoh, showed up with his friends at a bar called Neon in Nakameguro, Tokyo, in the boiling evening of July. He was with artist, magazine publisher, importer, editor, and pottery artist. Each of them wears their own semoh items and exchanges conversations with a glass of drink. Sometimes serious, and sometimes ridiculous conversations lead them to get an idea of what the next interesting thing is.

この夜集まった5人とデザイナーの上山は、さまざまな面でコラボレーションを果たしてきた。現代アーティストの佃 弘樹は、過去いくつかのコレクションでデザインを提供。NYやドイツで評価を集める彼の絵画を、上山は刺繍やプリントに落とし込んでいる。本業の傍ら同ブランドのモデルを務めたのは、インポーターのラファエル・ブリオ。さらに『THE NEW ORDER MAGAZINE』『her. magazine』を発行するジェームス・オリバーは、誌面での紹介に加え、semohのスタイリングも担当した。編集者の大司 麻紀子も、国内外のプロジェクトに携わりながら、同ブランドのルックブックの編集を務めている。そして、光を操るような繊細な作品で知られる、陶芸家の新里 明士。ブランドとの直接的な取り組みこそないものの、上山の事務所には彼の陶器たちが置かれ、デザイナーを日々刺激し続けている。


Collaborations have been made between Ueyama and those 5 creators who came to the bar at the night. Artist, Hiroki Tsukuda, threw paintings for the past collections of semoh; it turned out to be a motif of a print and embroidery. Despite of his actual work, Raphael Briot, importer, modelled for its campaign a couple of times. James Oliver, publisher of ‘New Order magazine’ and ‘her. magazine’, introduced the brand in his media and also styled it for the look book. In the case of Makiko Oji, editor and writer, she has been editing for the campaigns and look books of the brand while dealing with other domestic and international projects. And Akio Niisato, pottery artist known for his delicate works manipulating the lights, comes in. Even though he has not collaborated professionally but his art displayed in Ueyama’s studio provides inspirations to the designer all the times.

It’s more than just a friendship; and also it’s more than business partnership. semoh’s design is born among the mutual respects towards each other’s creations. The creators around Ueyama did not choose his design not because a friend of them designed. Their reason is very simple; they wear it because they want to, no matter who designed it. They simply like and respect the creation of semoh.