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では、その中で自分が生き抜くために、何者なのかを表現するために、または 知るために選ぶ衣服とは。



周りにいる友人知人、アーティストのご協力により成せる服や、ルック、映像 と、あの手この手を使い、実際の服ともバランスをとりながら世界観を作っています。




Hello everyone, thank you so much for coming to this site.

I have finished the preview of our AW 2017 collection the other day. It was just a quick moment but I broke my knee while the preparation and it seems that will affect my days for a while.
I had been thinking about the connections between body and clothes and now I have experienced it at least a bit by myself.

With this opportunity, today I would like to write about the balance which I think of when I make clothes of semoh.

Until now at semoh, I have been thinking about the relationships between an individual and society through my designs. The Japanese word for 'good outer face' describes the connections well. I think of clothes which embody the balance between feeling relaxed and unprotected at home, and also feeling tense while going into a society and meeting the others.

Now in 2017, I like to emphasise the view to body and clothes and think again about the mobility of bone structures in modern society.

People have put on clothes prepared for them to survive in the environments they have been in for long. It's also a fact that wars and money economy in modern civilisation have generated new styles and fabrics. We may call the trend 'fashion'.

Then, what clothes should we choose in order for us to survive through this time and to express or get to know who we are?

What do you wear when you go to the office or see your friends? I focus on the balance between your actual life and your look. Sometimes you may want to choose to wear some tailored clothes which are not in right size, or want to choose some 'inappropriate' clothes to an occasions or your status.

This might be not be different if the clothes are meant to last for long or not.

I try to think and update the designs which can be enjoyable and stay long in the wardrobes or memories of someone while borrowing wisdoms from the predecessors.

Also I try to express my views by various ways including pictures and movies, the clothes made by collaborations with creators around me, at the same time I think of the balance with our actual life.

I think of what clothes can mean, what you wear, and what I wear and continue to make.

Hope you have a nice day,

Hiroyuki Ueyama