Photos & Text by Rumi Matsuzawa.

わたしがパリに住みはじめたのは2009年の6月。初めてこの街の空気に触れたとき、懐かしさを感じた。初めまして、ではなく何か知ってる。これだった。私がパリで写真を始めるきっかけになったのが、Willy Ronis, Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier Bresson, Brassai などの40年~70年頃パリで活躍していた写真家の影響だった。気づけば自分がパリで撮る写真はいつも何か、彼らが夢中に撮影していただろう時代を辿っている。真似するというよりは辿る。思い出す。パリで撮る写真はこの感覚に近い。


I started living in Paris in June 2009. When I first touched the air of this city, it felt nostalgic. It wasn’t a nice-to-meet-you, it was something familiar. I knew this city already.

What inspired me to start photography in Paris was the influence of photographers who had been active in Paris around 1940’s to 1970’s, such as Willy Ronis, Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier Bresson, and Brassai. The photos I take in Paris are always somehow going through the era they were crazy about. It is not copying, but rather, following their footsteps. Remembering. My photos taken in Paris have feelings close to this.

Jarhon, the model for this shoot is an old friend, whom I used to take photos of while taking a walk somewhere in Paris. One day by the Seine, one day in Montmartre. We have something in common-he too is following another space-time.


Watching animation at young age, I remember being fascinated by the atmosphere of the city portrayed within, more than any part of the content. At the age of five, I was yearning for the Adriatic Sea.
How could one be fascinated by a city never been, at such young age?



I began to wonder if there was an unknown world within myself. There is a locked door in my heart, and when I encounter something like a painting, a piece of music, a city, a movie, a person, something that is the same size as the keyhole of the door, the door opens suddenly, and the wind of the memory of my soul gets blown into reality. But then the door shuts immediately, and the truth beyond the door is unknown.

I call it "The House of Memory".
The House of Memory is an unknown, infinite space beyond time and space. Probably connected with the universe.
It is just my guess, but that way, it is dreamy and full of romance.
I know for sure that I will keep going back to this each year without knowing the truth.
Just for that one moment to open the door of "The House of Memory".